Derma PRP

What is DermaPRP?

DermaPRP DermaPRP is an advanced, comprehensive skincare treatment that combines the powerful benefits of chemical peeling, microneedling, and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy. This innovative approach aims to maximize skin rejuvenation by addressing a wide range of dermatological concerns through a multi-faceted strategy. By integrating these three effective procedures, DermaPRP offers an unparalleled method to enhance the skin’s appearance, texture, and overall health.

Chemical peeling initiates the process by applying a chemical solution to the skin, causing controlled exfoliation of the outer layers. This step reveals fresher, smoother skin and sets the stage for further treatments. Microneedling follows, using tiny needles to create micro-injuries that stimulate the skin’s natural healing processes, boosting collagen and elastin production. Finally, PRP therapy involves using growth factors and proteins from your own blood to further promote skin regeneration and enhance overall skin quality.

Why We Recommend Multiple Sessions

While a single session of DermaPRP can provide noticeable improvements, multiple sessions are recommended to achieve optimal results and maintain long-term benefits. Here’s why:

  1. Progressive Enhancement: Each DermaPRP session builds upon the previous one, allowing for cumulative benefits and continuous improvement in skin quality and appearance.
  2. Targeted Treatment: Multiple sessions enable tailored adjustments to address specific skin concerns more effectively, ensuring a customized approach to your unique skincare needs.
  3. Sustained Results: Consistent treatments help maintain and prolong the results, ensuring your skin remains refreshed and rejuvenated over time.

Comprehensive Rejuvenation: The gradual approach of multiple sessions allows for a more thorough rejuvenation process, enhancing the skin’s resilience and overall health.

1 Session

£ 300 Per Session

3 Sessions

£900 £ 750
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