DermoLift &
Nefertiti Lift

If you’re seeking a quick and effective way to lift and rejuvenate your face without surgery, Dermolift might be the perfect solution for you.

What is a Dermolift?

Dermolift is a non-surgical procedure involving a series of Botulinum toxin injections along the jawline, extending up to just beyond the temple area. This treatment targets mid-face lifting and rejuvenation by blocking nerve transmissions to muscle cells, which relaxes the facial muscles. As a result, these muscles contract less and no longer create “dynamic lines” in the treated areas.

How Does Dermolift Work?

The treatment focuses on the fine muscles that control pore size and the platysma muscles of the jawline, rather than the muscles responsible for facial expressions. By relaxing these muscles, Dermolift counteracts sagging effects due to loss of firmness. The procedure, also known as Microbotox Dermalift, involves tiny injections of Botox that help smooth and lift the skin.


Benefits of Dermolift

Dermolift offers a range of benefits, including:

Mid-Face Lifting: Targets and lifts the mid-face area, providing a more youthful appearance.

Reduction of Dynamic Lines: By relaxing specific muscles, it reduces the appearance of dynamic lines caused by muscle contractions.

Improved Firmness: Addresses sagging by tightening the platysma muscles of the jawline.

Elevated Brow: Can be used to elevate the brow by treating the brow depressor muscles, giving the eyes a more open and lifted look.

Quick Procedure: The treatment only takes a few minutes, making it convenient for those with busy schedules.

Who is the Treatment For?
Dermolift is ideal for individuals looking to enhance their facial appearance without undergoing invasive procedures. It is suitable for:
Those experiencing mid-face sagging
Individuals with dynamic lines and wrinkles
People looking to improve jawline definition
Those who want a more lifted and open eye appearance

Dermolift provides a quick, minimally invasive option for achieving a refreshed and youthful look, targeting specific areas to enhance your natural beauty.

If you want to reverse the signs of aging along your lower face, jawline, and neck, the Nefertiti Neck Lift might be the treatment you’re looking for.

What is a Nefertiti Neck Lift?

The Nefertiti Neck Lift is a non-surgical procedure designed to tighten, smooth, and lift the neck and jawline area. Named after the ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, who was celebrated for her graceful and elongated neck, this treatment uses tiny amounts of botulinum toxin type A, commonly known as Botox, to achieve its effects.

How Does Nefertiti Necklift Work?

The procedure involves injecting Botox into the platysma muscles, which run vertically from the bottom of the face to the collarbone and can create a downward pull on the jawline. Botulinum toxin is a protein produced by a bacterium that blocks the electrical impulses that make the muscles contract. When injected into the neck muscles, it temporarily blocks signals from the nervous system that tell these muscles to move. This relaxation allows the muscles in the upper face to lift the skin more effectively, resulting in a more defined jawline and a smoother neck.

‘Nefertiti’ means ‘a beautiful woman has arrived,’ and, true to its name, this mini-lift counteracts lost elasticity and the effects of gravity to redefine the age-vulnerable neck and jawline.

The Nefertiti Neck Lift can address various issues in the lower part of the face, including:

Reducing lines and wrinkles
Smoothing dimpled skin on the chin
Erasing or reducing folds or sagging
Evening out the symmetry of the lower face, jaw, and neck
Removing lines on the neck
Creating a more pronounced definition of the jaw
How Does the Treatment Work?
Before your treatment, you will have a consultation with a specialist to discuss your concerns, ideal results, potential side effects, and any medications or medical history. This consultation helps tailor the treatment to your specific needs.

You should avoid drinking alcohol for 48 hours before the procedure. On the day of the treatment, a thin, sterilized needle is used to inject Botox into the muscle bands along your lower face, jaw, and neck about a half inch apart. The Botox then gradually diffuses into the muscle.

The procedure typically requires multiple injections but only takes around 15 minutes. If you are concerned about pain or discomfort, a topical anesthetic or ice can numb the treatment area.

Benefits of Nefertiti Neck Lift

The benefits of the Nefertiti Neck Lift include:

Improved Jawline Definition: Achieves a sharper, more youthful jawline by reducing muscle activity that causes sagging.
Smoother Neck Skin: Reduces the appearance of neck bands and wrinkles for a more toned look.
Short Treatment Time: The procedure is quick, typically lasting only 15 minutes.
Effective Alternative to Surgery: Offers a non-invasive option for those seeking facial rejuvenation without the risks and recovery time associated with surgery.


Who is the Treatment For?

Who is the Treatment For?
The Nefertiti Neck Lift is suitable for many people due to its non-invasive nature. Ideal candidates include:

Individuals whose jawline lacks definition
Those with a wrinkly, saggy neck area
Patients with loose jowls
People who have lost weight in the face, leading to generalized sagging
Individuals who tend to tense their neck muscles
This procedure provides a quick, minimally risky way to achieve a more youthful and refined appearance, making it a popular choice for those looking to enhance their natural beauty without surgery.


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