Toxin Bum Lift

How Do Toxin Bum lift Treatment Work?

Injecting a muscle-relaxing toxin
beneath the buttocks aims to ease
tension in the muscles responsible
for downward movement, enabling
the upward-pulling muscles to
function more efficiently.

frequently asked questıons(faq)

How long do liquid BBL last?

The liquid buttock lift offers a gradual and natural-looking outcome, delivered through a pain-free
procedure, eliminating the necessity for major surgery. Individuals undergoing the liquid buttock lift
treatment can experience buttock enhancement effects that typically endure for a duration of 2 to 5

Nevertheless, certain slim or low BMI patients may still be eligible for a conventional Brazilian Butt
Lift (BBL). Despite having lower weight or BMI, they may possess a sufficient proportion of body fat
that can be extracted through liposuction for use in a fat transfer procedure.

The filler needs time to settle in place and sleeping on
your hips can disrupt placement. Exercising should be
avoided for 2 weeks. The filler needs time to settle in
place and exercise can disrupt the placement of the filler.