Rejuran Skin Booster

Rejuran HB

Rejuran HB is a skin-enhancing solution designed for repairing and hydrating the skin. It combines salmon-derived polynucleotide extract (PN) with hyaluronic acid (HA) to create a powerful synergy.

Rejuran HB targets the initial signs of aging, such as fine lines and superficial wrinkles, while also aiding in the repair of damaged skin caused by UV exposure and excessive cosmetic treatments. It improves skin texture and tone, smoothing out acne scars and ensuring long-lasting hydration. Rejuran acts as a healer for damaged skin, but it’s important to note that noticeable improvements may require some time.

Rejuran stimulates skin growth and its effects are seen over a period of time. The initial intensive period involves a series of monthly treatments for 3-4 sessions. Because the skin is a dynamic, living organ, maintenance treatment is required every 4 to 6 months to keep the skin in its optimal state.


Rejuran I

Rejuran I takes care of a more specific problem. Its name sake ‘I’ actually refers to the eye, so what it focuses on is anti-aging specially focused on rejuvenating the eye area.

During the procedure, a small amount of PN is injected into the skin around the eyes using a fine needle. The PN then stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, which helps to improve skin texture and elasticity. The treatment can take between 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the extent of the area being treated.

Most patients will benefit from 2-4 Rejuran sessions 3 to 6 weeks apart. If you have significant skin concerns such as deep wrinkles, sun damage & skin laxity a fourth treatment may be beneficial. 


Rejuran S

Rejuran S, as indicated by the “S” in its name, is formulated to deal with scars. Rejuran S is the more concentrated version of the basic Rejuran product and its anti-inflammatory effects make it good for treating acne scars.

Rejuran S helps improve scars through the induction of collagen production and the healing of the skin. Additionally, Rejuran S is thicker and more gel-like, meaning it can act like a filler to puff up the depressed marks and scars on the face. It can also help to repair the skin at the lower layers.

Rejuran PN

REJURAN is a potent skin rejuvenation treatment derived from concentrated polynucleotide (PN) extract found in Wild Salmon DNA. This powerful solution aids in restoring skin health, enhancing elasticity, and repairing damage caused by repeated exposure to UV rays or various chemicals. It promotes the healing of skin tissue, returning it to its natural state.

Once injected into the skin, it kickstarts the rejuvenation process by replacing worn-out skin cells. This continuous regeneration occurs as the polynucleotide (PN) links with tiny blood vessels within cells, initiating the repair of damaged or deteriorated skin tissue. Furthermore, it triggers the regeneration of skin tissue, encouraging fibroblasts to produce collagen and revitalize the skin. Alongside this, it restores the balance of water and oil, enhances skin elasticity, reduces oiliness, minimizes pore size, and delivers lasting healing and tissue regeneration benefits.

What is Rejuran?

Rejuran is an innovative skin rejuvenation treatment offered at our clinic, designed to revitalize and enhance the skin’s overall appearance. It involves the injection of polynucleotides, a type of DNA-derived molecule, to promote skin repair and regeneration from within.

Benefits of Rejuran:

Rejuran offers a variety of benefits for the skin, including improved hydration, enhanced elasticity, and a more youthful complexion. It effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging, resulting in smoother, firmer, and rejuvenated skin.

Why Multiple Sessions are Recommended:

While some initial improvement may be observed after a single Rejuran treatment, multiple sessions are often recommended for optimal and enduring results. Consistent sessions allow for cumulative benefits, personalized adjustments, and targeted treatment of specific skin concerns. The gradual stimulation of collagen production and skin regeneration over time ensures sustained improvements in skin quality and appearance.

1 Session

£ 250 Per Session

2 sessions

£500 £ 450 £225 Per Session
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3 Sessions

£750 £ 650 £216 Per Session
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Is Rejuran suitable for all skin types?

Yes, Rejuran is generally suitable for all skin types, but it’s best to consult with a skincare professional for personalized advice.

The number of sessions needed varies, but typically a series of treatments spaced several weeks apart is recommended for optimal results.

There is minimal downtime with Rejuran, with most patients experiencing mild redness or swelling that typically resolves within a few days.

Results may vary, but many patients notice improvements in skin texture, hydration, and elasticity within a few weeks to months after treatment.

It’s essential to follow your skincare professional’s instructions, which may include avoiding sun exposure and using gentle skincare products to optimize results and minimize potential side effects.